Parent Handbook

We are pleased you have chosen to enroll your child at T.L.C.

Your child is very important to us and so are you. We hope that you will always feel free to talk to us whenever you have a concern. If we are busy, please leave us a note or call us at a later time.

Our parent handbook will describe our center’s policies.


You are allowed vacation time with no fee charged; the time allowed per year (January-December) is as follows:

  • Children enrolled full-time: 10 days per year
  • Children enrolled 3 days: 6 days per year
  • Children enrolled 2 days: 4 days per year
Please notify us as soon as possible as to when you will be taking your vacation. Your child’s placement at the center will not be forfeited.

Withdraw Policy & Late Fee

Withdraw Policy:

A child’s initial enrollment in the center is contingent upon the center’s ability to meet the needs of the child. If these needs cannot be met, the directors will examine suitable alternatives for the child with his or her parents. Please allow the consideration fo a two week notice before withdrawing your child.

Late Fee:

A late fee of $5:00 for every 15 minutes wll be charged if a child is not picked up by the 6:00 PM closing time. There are no planned activities after the center’s closing time. A child who has said goodbye to all of his or her friends will begin to feel lonely and anxious. Being picked up late is upsetting to a child and disruptive to the caregiver’s schedule. Your cooperation is essential to both the child and the caregiver.

When Your Child Is Sick

Our concern is for the welfare of all children in our care. Our intention is to prevent spreading illness by asking that your child not be brought to the center if he or she has any of the following:

  1. Has begun a new medication for transmittable disease prescribed by a physician within the past 24 hour period (see section on ear infection)
  2. Has a temperature of 101 degrees or over (unless due solely to immunization)
  3. Diarrhea, consisting of several liquid stools in the 12 hours (unless is clearly the result of diet or medication)
  4. Has a severe cold with thick nasal drainage or difficulty breathing
  5. Vomiting which continues
  6. Rashes that have not been identified by a physician
  7. Conjuntivitis (after the child has been on drops for a full 24 hour period that may return to the center
  8. Ipetigo

Ear Infections:

Ear infections are considered non-contagious. The child may come to the center if they have no other symptoms such as high fever and are well enough for group care.


When your child is in the recovery stages of an illness, we will give your child any medication that is deemed necessary. State law prohibits the administration of medication without written authorization. If your child will need to be on medication, we will ask you to fill our an authorization form. Please make sure that you supply us with the medication in the prescription bottles. This also applies to over-the-counter medicines.

Clothing & Blankets

Please dress your child in appropriate clothing for playing. We will be playing with paint, sand, water etc., as well as doing quiet activities.

We will have outdoor play, which is planned in our daily schedule, except when the weather is severe or raining. Please include the appropriate items such as: hats, warm mittens, snow pants, coats, snowsuits, etc. as needed.

Accidents and spills occur, so an extra set of labeled clothing should remain at the center. Your child will need his or her special blanket and pillow for nap time. It will be stored at the center and taken home on Fridays for washing and returned on Monday.

The center will supply sheets and blankets for infants and complete the washing unless parents prefer their own. Infants will have their own specified crib, and children their own cot or mat.

Articles from Home

Often children want to bring items from home. We will have special times that the children will be able to do this. We may have a theme for the week or special toy day. When we do this, we will post a bulletin so you will be able to help your child select the item he or she will want to bring.

Other than specified days, children should leave their toys, gum, money, candy and toy guns at home. These items can often create a lot of difficulty. Money is easily lost and ownership hard to prove. A small amount of candy or gum can be a big problem leading to feelings of rejection and/or arguments. There sill be specified sharing times such as when a child has a birthday and you would like to provide a treat or if a child wants to bring a snack to all of the children in his or her group. Please let us know in advance and we will let you know the number of snacks to provide.

Authorization to Pick-up A Child

Only an authorized adult may pick-up a child. An authorized adult is one whose name is written on the child’s enrollment form. If for any reason another adult must pick-up your child, we must have parental authorization in writing that day. We will not release your child to anyone unknown to us without authorization

Discipline Policy

It is the policy of our learning center to treat all our children with T.L.C., concern and dignity. Staff members shall not under any circumstances use these punitive measures:

  1. Physical punishment
  2. Verbal abuse
  3. Isolation
  4. Or any other means of corporal punishment

The staff will provide appropriate guidelines for the children. Encouragement, good role modeling, redirecting, and other positive reinforcement methods will be used.